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Guidance safety for your info:

Pool Water Management:

Pool Water Advisory Group (PWTAG) is a recognised body for swimming water quality standards in the UK.  Team Swim School can state with Confidence that Covid-19 would not be transmissible through swimming pool water if the pool is operated in line with guidance from PWTAG : Team Swim School will follow and adhere to these recommendations as we already do:

Covid-19 Recommended Pool Chemical levels:

Free Chlorine- min 1.5mg/l


We also have an ultra violet laser that adds to filtration of the water as a secondary disinfection method.

Case studies have shown that warmer temperatures and high humidity play a part in mitigating the risk of airborne transmission. Additionally the increased ratio of air to participants in a swimming pool hall lowers the risk further. Our pool air temperature is kept at a warm 30-32 degrees.

Swimming Pool Preparations for lessons:

  1. Arrive if possible showered and beech ready in a swim suit
  2. We encourage only one parent/guardian to escort the swimmer to the lesson
  3. Make sure you have your hat and goggles if you need goggles
  4. You will NOT be allowed to swim without a hat
  5. “ There are no spare goggles or hats for use”
  6. Arrive for you your lesson no earlier than 5 minutes before start time to avoid overlap in conservatory
  7. First person arriving please move down to end of conservatory hall for seating
  8. On entry please take your temperature and then sanitize your hands
  9. Any high temperatures MUST be reported in the report book on entry and you must leave the pool and follow Government safety guidelines
  10. Entrance point for lessons as normal, inner  pool door will be kept half meter open to reduce “ touch points “
  11. The lesson will be 25 minutes long and a whistle will BLOW by the teacher. They will signal each child separately out of the pool to shower and change. You will have 5 minutes on pool side to complete showering. You MUST vacate the conservatory at this point of the WHISTLE BLOW and make your way to changing rooms or the foyer area next to changing rooms. You can also wait outside the exit point for your children.
  12. Exit point for lessons will be the far side of the pool next to changing room doors
  13. Please re sanitize hands before you leave
  14. Check you have everything with you before you leave, hats, goggles, towel.